Archeopark Pavlov – the unique exhibition of the period of the mammoth hunters, situated in a modern building, introduces the period of approximately 30,000 years ago. The opening hours during holidays are from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00 o’clock; detailed information available at

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Pavlov Wine Cellars – in the summer, from June to September, one of the wineries is always open; the list of wineries is available at

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A walk in the Pálava Hills – with stops at Dívčí hrad or Sirotčí hrádek castles

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Winegrowing routes – take a bike ride through the region of sights and wine; more information at

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A cruise along the lower reservoir of Nové Mlýny – from the YC Pavlov to the camp at Šakvice, the harbours at Strachotín and Dolní Věstonice and back to Pavlov. You can embark and disembark at any harbour. Ship tickets are available directly on board. Cruise schedule and detailed information at

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Pálava Vintage – a traditional wine feast held in Mikulov at the beginning of September; information available at www.palavske-vinobraní.cz

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Aqualand Moravia in Pasohlávky – the most modern aquapark in the Czech Republic with 14 swimming pools and 20 attraction points, restaurants and bars. It is open all year round. Current price list and opening hours at

Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape – one of the most beautiful European Gothic Revival complexes; the castles, viewpoints and pavilions are interconnected by alleys and through views into a harmonious whole situated in an area of 200 sq. km; more information at,

Rajstna – a viewpoint situated above Valtice vineyards in the direction of Austria; it was built on the model of the Schönbrunn Colonnade.

Chateau de Frontiere – Belvedere, through whose middle the Austrian-Moravian border used to go, offers views of the surrounding ponds; more information at

Mikulov – known by the skyline of its castle, Svatý kopeček and Kozí hrádek. The historical centre of the town was declared an urban conservation zone in 1952; more information at

Take a boat cruise along the Dyje River – boat rental at